Sport and Recovery massage balm – Range


A lubricious and smooth massage balm that is ideal for sports and deep tissue massage. Olive Oil, Blackcurrant Seed Oil, Hemp Oil and Pumpkin Seed Oil combine to give a luxurious massage perfect for sports recovery, aching and tired muscles or just a long pampering session. Suitable normal and also for more dry or mature skin that needs to be replenished.


Performance – Complex Fresh Clean Citrus with a Spicy note

Recovery – Fruity Woody Citrus with Fresh Energising accord

Refreshing – Fresh, Warm, Herbaceous and Balsamic aroma

Detoxifying – Strong Restoring, Lemon like and Herbaceous

>100% Natural – Cruelty Free – Vegan Suitable – Suitable for all skin types


Heavy and Lubricious

Ideal For: Normal and slightly dry skin types

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