Himalayan Fruit Infused Salt Scrub with Oil


This luxurious scrub comes as a salt mix with a separate bottle of cleansing oil so customers can create their own natural salt scrub at home. The water dispersible apricot oil is deeply nourishing and when combined with the salts, creates a perfect scrub that will leave your skin feeling soft and silk. The Himalayan salts are infused with different active ingredients depending on your preference. We have 4 scrub types to choose from;

  • Banana & Honey: for dry skin types and problematic skin
  • Green Tea & Green Clay: anti-ageing, for younger looking skin
  • Pineapple & Mango: effective skin brightening complex
  • Liquorice & Burdock Root: to boost circulation and general skin health

To cleanse & exfoliate

Ideal For: All Skin Types

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