Clear Skin Clay Face Mask

Cleanse and reduce pimples with our tea tree infused clear skin face mask. The Dead Sea mineral mud improves elasticity of the skin and minimises pores and fine lines while the antibacterial properties of tea tree act effectively against the bacteria that cause breakouts. The mask also contains lemon peel essential oil which helps brighten the skin. The face will feel truly pampered after this hydrating face mask treatment that won’t dry out the skin. Thick consistency.

Clear Skin Face Scrub

This natural face wash is blended with pumice to gently exfoliate the skin whilst helping to reduce spots and blemishes. Infused with natural fruit extracts including strawberry, cranberry and melon. Strawberry extract, perfect for oily skin, helps reduce excess sebum secretion to prevent spot formation. Blended with avocado oil, this formula intensely moisturises the skin and the addition of watermelon extract and lemon oil helps to rejuvenate skin cells, leavnig the skin looking more radiant.

Gentle Facial Lotion

This natural facial lotion is blended with coconut and apricot oil in order to produce a lighter touch moisturiser. Apricot kernel oil provides essential nutrients to the skin preventing signs of premature ageing. This natural oil is an anti-inflammatory reducing swelling and redness of spots. Apricot oil working alongside coconut oil creates an ideal thin hydration moisturiser. Coconut oil acts as a cleanser unclogging pores therefore helping with skin problems such as acne and eczema. Light lotion.