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Dermatitis Treatment Cream

This gentle and effective cream contains a wide range of oils to deeply moisturise and soothe the skin. Colloidal oatmeal is a key active ingredient that has anti-itch and anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe and soften dry skin and relieve itchy skin rashes. Our dermatitis treatment cream also contains aloe vera which helps restore the pH balance of the skin and prevent irritation. Medium consistency.

Eczema Treatment Cream

Keeping the skin’s moisture intact is one of the most important things in helping to keep eczema under control. Oils are very effective at keeping the skin hydrated and so our eczema cream is packed full of oils that not only lock in moisture, but have anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties to help soothe and treat irritated skin. Enriched with coconut, evening primrose, chamomile and tamanu oils, our eczema cream can help reduce redness, itching, scaling and dryness within just a few days. Medium consistency.

Psoriasis Treatment Cream

Our psoriasis treatment cream contains a range of natural oils to lock in moisture, keeping the skin hydrated and helping to control psoriasis flare-ups. The natural formula can restore the skin’s protective barrier and with extracts such as pine bark, oat lipid oil and plum kernel oil, this treatment cream also reduces itching & scaling and helps rebalance skin’s pH levels. The cream is suitable for the long-term treatment of mild and moderate psoriasis. Medium consistency.

Rosacea Treatment Cream

It might be tempting to avoid using a moisturiser on red or sensitive skin but a non-chemical naturally anti-bacterial moisturiser can provide essential nourishment to the skin without causing irritation. Our rosacea cream contains additional natural extracts such as cucumber, green tea, chamomile and rosehip, to sooth and condition the skin and help minimise symptoms of rosacea such as inflammation and redness. Medium consistency.

Tattoo Butter

Developed for use before, during and after getting a tattoo. Helps to prepare the skin to make it more soft. Helps to moisturise and heal the skin after tattooing.