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Cream Hand Wash

Rich and creamy, our gentle hand cream wash contains coconut and almond oil that will nourish and moisturise the hands, leaving them feeling clean and fresh. Made from a blend of castile and natural extracts including plum kernel oil and blackcurrant seed extract, the hands will instantly feel refreshed and hydrated. Unlike many soaps and other hand washes, this cream wash will not dry out the skin and contains no harmful ingredients such as SLS. Light consistency.

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Daily Hand Lotion

This light and creamy hand lotion is quickly absorbed and provides instant moisturisation that lasts. It hydrates and nourishes the skin, leaving the hands feeling soft and smooth. Contains plum kernel oil and blackcurrant extract. Light consistency.

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Fungal Nail Conditioning Oil


Our 100% Natural Fungal Nail Conditioning Oil is specially formulated with 5 (Oregano, Tea Tree, Lemongrass, Sweet Orange and Clove Leaf) of the best known antifugal essentials oils and Salicylic Acid. In combitation with softening and penetrating carriers oils the essentials oils are delivered gently  through the nail plate for a direct effect.
100% Natural – Cruelty Free – Vegan Suitable – Naturally Effective

Hand & Nail Cream

This luxurious hand and nail cream contains coconut, shea, macadamia and almond oils as well as a range of natural plant extracts to nourish and protect the skin and strengthen nails. The antioxidant rich cream softens and moisturises the hands, leaving a silky smooth, non-greasy finish. Thick consistency.

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Hand Scrub Smoothie

This creamy exfoliator is packed full of natural extracts to cleanse and treat the skin and scrub away dead skin cells. Nourishing and moisturising, our hand scrub smoothie gives the best of both worlds, leaving the hands feeling beautifully soft and smooth. Light consistency.

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Total Nail Treatment

The outer layer of the nail can be particularly sensitive to the outside elements. Our carefully developed nail cream not only hydrates and moisturises the nail but the nutrient rich formula helps ensure nails are cuticles are strengthened and restored to their stunning best. The cream is packed full of essential oils, each one carefully selected to help restore and protect the nail plate, ensuring nails are more resistant to splitting and are in all round better condition. Thick consistency.

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