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Calming Foot Butter

This rich silky foot butter treats and nourishes the feet leaving them feeling wonderfully soft and smooth. The combination of shea butter and natural oils, ensure dry feet and cracked heels receive an intense moisturising treatment and the peppermint essential oil will help soothe even the most tired feet and provide a light and uplifting scent. Thick consistency.

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Cooling Foot Scrub

Our poor feet are often neglected when it comes to skincare but this rich cream foot scrub is just the treatment they deserve. Enriched with blackcurrant and cranberry fruit extracts, this luxurious scrub will leave your feet feeling pampered, soothed and revitalised. Our foot scrub is just like a moisturiser but with the added benefit of containing exfoliating volcanic pumice stone – so it acts as both a scrub and an emollient. The added peppermint essential oil will also help soothe the feet as well as provide a light and uplifting scent. Thick consistency.

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Cooling Foot Spray

Spray a small amount of this natural aloe spray over hot and tired feet to instantly leave them feeling cool, fresh and revitalised. Contains peppermint essential oil for a light refreshing scent.

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