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Conditioning Lip Balm

Hydrate and intensely moisturise your lips with this natural balm infused with cocoa and avocado butter. The combination of the butters and coconut oil provides deep hydration, helping to soften and prevent chapped lips. The addition of natural waxes and oils provides a rich source of essential vitamins to help lock in moisture. Choose from our range of flavour oils if you would like to add a delicious scent. Solid balm.

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Super Soft Lip Treatment Gel

Our natural lip treatment gel gently promotes the lip’s natural collagen for brighter, plumper and more youthful looking lips. This formula contains pure aloe vera, honey and crambe seed oil to promote the natural collagen structure in the lips and provide moisture to soften and hydrate. The natural oils and raspberry extract added to this aloe vera gel base provide a rich source of vitamins including vitamins A & C. These can help protect the lips from various toxins and encourage skin cell growth. Vitamin A also aids in the synthesis of sebum, a natural oily substance that prevents chapped lips. Contains peppermint essential oil. Opaque gel.

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Super Soft Sugar Lip Scrub

Our natural sugar scrub has been designed to buff and tone the delicate skin on the lips, removing dry and rough skin to reveal younger, plumper looking lips. Chapped skin result from a lack of natural oil being produced by the body. The addition of jojoba oil contained in our scrub will rejuvenate dry chapped lips and trap moisture in.

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