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Moisture Rich Conditioner

Enrich and nourish hair with our natural moisture rich conditioner that helps to produce soft, silky hair. Enriched with coconut oil which naturally helps encourage hair growth whilst also adding volume and shine.

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Pre-wash Hair Conditioning Butter

Treat your hair with our rich and creamy conditioning butter. Blended with shea butter rich in vitamins A & E helping to reduce dryness and breakage. This formula helps to soften and strengthen dry, brittle hair. Thick consistency.

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Vitanourish Conditioner

Our Vitanourish Conditioner is blended with a natural smoothing agent, honeyquat extract, alongside argan oil. Argan oil helps to make hair silkier and shinier as well as helping to tame frizzy hair. Rich in vitamin E, argan oil helps to intensely moisturise the scalp promoting healthy hair growth.

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