Our Philosophy

At Hera Beauty, we believe that Nature is the best source of ingredients for our skin.

Women all over the world have been using natural skin care products for centuries and have some of the most remarkable skin to show for it. And in recent years, scientific research has led to a greater understanding of why these naturally occurring extracts can produce such outstanding results.

The driving force behind Hera Beauty and the reason why we have grown to be such a successful business is purely down to our knowledge of the ingredients. The vast majority of skin care products on the market today contain harmful synthetic chemicals so having products that don’t contain any of these ‘nasties’ already sets your products apart from the competition.

Hera Beauty uses no unnecessary chemicals, parabens, fillers or additives. We have chosen the best quality natural and organic ingredients, each one carefully selected to gently enhance or protect the skin. View our ingredients for more details.

Tailoring your range

In order to help you stand out from competition and create a range of skin care products which is second to none, Hera Beauty can help you create your own bespoke range of products by adding additional ingredients to our formulations. We know how competitive the market is so you may want to give your skincare products something extra that sets you apart from the competition. Browse through our extensive ingredients list to see which extracts are available to add to our products. The type, combination and number of extracts that can be added varies depending on the product due to the chemical properties of the ingredients and compliance requirements. We will advise if it’s not possible to formulate a product based on your requested additional extracts.

Please note, extra ingredients cannot be added to our retail-ready range.

Gentle but effective formulations

Our range has been developed with sensitive skin in mind and all our products are free of the most common allergens and contain no harsh chemicals. You will find a complete ingredient list next to all our products on the website but if you have any questions about our ingredients or would like help in creating your own range, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to help.

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