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Baby Lotion

Take care of your baby’s sensitive skin with our lotion that has been specifically formulated to nourish and soften the most delicate skin. Our natural non-greasy formula keeps the skin soft, smooth and healthy for a full 24 hours. Made with chamomile, oat lipid and raspberry extracts, our lotion will protect, heal and moisturise your baby’s sensitive skin. Medium consistency.

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Breast Firming Cream

Our breast firming cream firms and tightens loose skin, while reducing sagging. It has been specifically formulated for sensitive breast skin and penetrates deep into the skin to promote cell regeneration as well as nourish and moisturise the breast tissue. Contains green tea and horsetail plant extracts which are rich in anti-oxidants which help restore skin elasticity. Medium consistency.


Mum & Baby Body Butter

This rich body butter is designed to protect and nourish delicate skin. It is very gentle but extremely effective at nourishing and moisturising the skin. Contains natural oatmeal and shea butter to soothe and calm the skin, ideal for relieving common baby rashes and skin irritations. Fairly thick consistency.


Mum & Baby Cream Wash

Gentle and soothing, our mum and baby face and body wash is ideal for sensitive skin types. It moisturises the skin without drying due to its creamy, low foaming texture. It is rich in natural oils to hydrate and nourish the skin, including almond oil which is high in vitamin E and leaves the skin feeling soft and silky smooth. Light consistency.

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Nappy Rash Cream

This cream has been specifically formulated as a safe and natural treatment for nappy rash. Our blend of oils and butters is combined with a number of extracts with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties to relieve and treat nappy rash. Contains aloe vera, chamomile, oat and raspberry extracts. Medium consistency


Nipple Cream

Our gentle nipple cream has been formulated with new mums and babies in mind. This gentle formula has been created to provide relief from sore and cracked nipples. With aloe vera and oat lipid, this cream is ideal for soothing the skin during breast feeding and pregnancy. Medium consistency.

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Stretch Mark & Scar Body Lotion

This gentle body lotion contains a range of fruit extracts and essential oils that work in a number of ways to soften and reduce scar tissue and stretch marks. The gentle essential oils and extracts are combined in a delicate lotion that is quickly absorbed into the skin. As there are no harsh essential oils, this lotion is also suitable for pregnant women. Medium consistency.