Labelling Requirements

In order to sell cosmetic products within the EU, certain information must be included on the packaging that explains what the product is for, how to use it safely and how the best results can be obtained. Product labelling in the EU is regulated by law under the EU Cosmetics Regulations (1223/2009).

If you are ordering products from our pre-pacakaged range, we will ensure that your own-branded labels are fully compliant with this legislation. But if you are organising your own packaging and labelling, you might find the information below helpful so you can ensure that your product meets the EU Cosmetics Regulation.

For cosmetic products being sold within the EU, the following information must be included on the label or packaging;

  • What the product is, if it is not obvious from its appearance
  • A batch number so the product can be identified
  • A ‘best before’ date and a ‘period after opening’ to indicate how long the product can be kept
  • The nominal net weight
  • Any safety warnings to ensure the product is used safely
  • The name & address of the Company or Responsible Person that the product is being sold under
  • An ingredients list, in decreasing order of weight (the ingredients for each product are displayed in this manner on our website)
  • The Country of origin, for products imported into the EU.

A closer look at ingredients

Due to the different languages and terms used across the EU, there are regulations on how certain types of ingredients must be displayed;

  • Ingredients have to follow a standard terminology so there is consistency between different brands and this is set in the International Nomenclautire for Cosmetics (INCI)
  • Ingredients of plant origin must be listed using the Linnean nomenclature
  • Common names may be used eg. water, as detailed in the European Pharmacopoeia
  • ‘Parfum’ can be used to indicate the presence of a perfume
  • ‘Aroma’ can be used to indicate the presence of a flavour
  • For ingredients that are in concentrations of less than 1%, they can be listed in any order after all other ingredients

Please note this guidance is not comprehensive and only highlights the key points that are most relevant to the products manufatured by Hera Beauty.

Please refer to the Cosmetic Products Regulations 2008 for more detailed information.

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